Create Your Dream Gallery Wall

Framing has never been easier. (or more fun) Start with a single frame or try an expertly designed gallery wall layout that's sure to fit any space - maintaining balance & proportion.

Upload your photos or fill your gallery at home. We’ve curated a collection of popular & elegant all wood frames that are hand cut & joined, include a pure white double thick museum mat, & are always backed with foam core. Available in 5 standard sizes, frames are exhibit grade, wired, ready to hang, with hooks, & even come with a plan-o-gram - we’ve thought of everything.

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How it Works

Start by Selecting a Layout

Simply choose your space and select your ideal layout. Our designers have created a broad collection of gallery wall layouts using 5 standard picture & frame sizes that offer both symmetrical & organic overall shapes to fit any space.

Choose Frames & Upload Photos

Select from 14 all wood exhibit quality frames. Create using a single style, one of our ‘Mix & Match’ combinations, or design your own gallery, frame by frame. Upload your photographs and we’ll print them in our ‘lab’. Or choose ‘frames only’ to frame anything at home.

Curate & Edit Your Gallery

Move your pictures between frames, crop & finalize their positions. Our standard glass is high quality however, for 99% clarity and UV protection, try nearly “invisible” Museum Glass. We also offer shatterproof Plexiglass - ideal for kids’ rooms.

Everyone wants a Gallery Wall, but designing one is overwhelming with endless possibilities. After 18 years in the art & picture framing business, our founder, Fred, created PiCTUREPLAYS, a simple solution to a frustrating problem. It’s easy & fun, offering a range of Gallery Wall designs suiting almost every size, shape, & type of wall space. All that’s needed is your pictures to fill them.
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Happiness Guaranteed ❤️

“Our exhibit quality frames are hand cut, joined, & inspected, one by one, for each customer. My team of expert framers does amazing work, and we get incredible feedback on our quality & customer service. We want relationships for life and will do whatever it takes to keep you happy or we’ll give you your money back.”

Fred Rubenstein
call or text 415-533-3733


“I can’t believe someone hasn’t thought of this sooner. I’ve been wanting a gallery wall for ever.”
– Jill Leonard
“This is brilliant. I love my frames and now I can decorate with my new pictures.”
– Diane Leslie
“These frames are really high quality. I didn’t really know you could buy readymade frames anywhere like this online.”
– Rob R
“Love my museum glass. It’s so clear and I don’t realize you could find glass that doesn’t reflect. And the diagram they gave me was really helpful to hang my pictures.”
– Roger B
“I’ve been needing this in my life forever. Thank you Picture Plays!!”
– Marissa B.

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