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How do I adjust my artwork so that it fits in the mat or frame?

There are 3 ways to “adjust” your artwork so it fits in our mats and frames.

  1. Cropping. Cropping makes your picture smaller – without cutting it. Position the opening of the mat over just the portion of the picture you wish to see.
  2. Trimming. Trimming means downsizing your picture, by cutting one or two sides, so that it fits within the mat window or the frame directly – without a mat.
  3. Floating. Floating means placing your picture on top of the backing board (included) or other decorative paper or insert you provide. This technique displays the entire picture – including its edges. It’s ideal for pictures that have a unique border or “deckled” edge.

Our framers have put together a more in-depth guide here.

What size & file type is needed to print a high quality photo?

The file type for optimal printing is JPEG at 150 dpi (dots/pixels per inch) or more.

Pictures that have been texted, screenshots, or those stored in a compressed manner may not be ideal. If you wish to utilize a specific picture that may be in the cloud, please download the “actual” or maximum size to your device.

In the Apple Help Center, you will find information on how to download iCloud photos and videos to you device: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT209454.

Can I order a custom size frame?

Custom sizes, in bulk quantity (at least 20 frames or more), can be ordered and a price will be quoted. Please contact us to learn more. We’d love to work with you!



Can I design my own gallery wall?

Absolutely! You build your gallery wall frame by frame here or why not add more frames to any one of our gallery wall designs.

What if my pictures aren't digital? Can I just buy frames?

You can scan your picture & provided the digital image meets our standards for quality printing, we’ll frame it. The file will need to be 150 dpi (dots per inch) or above. Or, you can frame anything at home & DIY by choosing any of our frames or gallery wall FRAMEKiTS.

What sizes are your mats and frames?

We offer 5 frame sizes, each includes a unique corresponding mat. Frame sizes are approximate outer sizes to the nearest 1/4″. All other sizes are exact. Each frame size can accommodate multiple picture sizes depending on whether or not you remove the mat.

What is Museum Quality Framing?

Sometimes referred to as “acid free” or “conservation” framing, the materials used will protect your artwork for life. Our archival mats are 8-ply, made from cotton, or wood pulp, that has been specially treated to neutralize the acids naturally found within. Museum Glass has been treated to block out 99% of harmful UV rays that can cause fading over time. All of this ensures your art will not fade or discolor over time.

How high should I hang my frames or gallery wall?

Our gallery walls all include an easy-to-follow planogram to help you position each frame perfectly. The center of your frame, or gallery wall, should be eye level – about 58″ off the floor. You can see an example in the Helpful Hanging section on our “How it Works” page.

How can I find professional installers?

We suggest using taskrabbit.com. There is a section for “Hanging & Installation” link or craigslist.com and search for a “Handyman”. Depending on your area, prices will range from $25 to $65 per hour.

Are your frames 'all wood' and mats 'acid free'?

Our frames are all wood & available in 5 outer sizes, with a museum quality double thick mat included. Handcrafted, cut, assembled, and inspected, in our California workshop. From $39, the 15 exhibit-grade styles are available with 3 types of glass – standard, Museum & Plexiglass. Pure white, 8-ply, archival mats are always included and they are acid free.

What type of glass is on your frames?

Our standard, is Regular Glass. It’s included. This glass is reflective and does not protect against fading. As an upgrade, we offer Museum Glass – its invisible and protects against fading. It’s a must for original artwork, and precious sentimental items. Plexiglass is the third option; ideal for kid’s rooms, pictures hung over a bed, or in earthquake zones. All options are 1/8″ thick.

Do you offer any other mat colors besides white?

Historically, white is the preferred mat color for Gallery Walls and photography. Right now we only offer pure white mats.

Can I change out the artwork or picture in my frames?

When you choose frames only, or purchase one of our gallery wall FRAMEKiTS then absolutely. We use a flexible staple that will allow you to swap out pictures with ease.

If we have printed your picture and framed in our workshop then any change of artwork would need to be done by a professional framer.

How do I clean my frame?

We suggest a damp cloth or mild glass cleaner. On acrylic, use a soft T-shirt or chamois cloth. Do not use glass cleaner.

Does PiCTUREPLAYS gift wrap or sell gift cards?

Our e-giftcards are a perfect gift, delivered right into the recipient’s inbox on whatever date you require. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to gift wrap in our workshop.

How do I track my order?

We will provide you a Fedex shipping update via email when your frames leave our workshop. You’ll be able to follow your order right to your front door.

How long will it take to get my framed picture?

Your frames will typically be delivered within 10 days.

Is it possible to return and cancel an order?

We are happy to do anything we can to make sure you are completely satisfied with your experience. If you wish to discuss a return or cancelation, please email us at support@pictureplays.com.

Does PiCTUREPLAYS offer special discounts for bulk orders and corporate sales?

Of course, we love our corporate customers and are happy to help determine an extra sharp price for multiples of 25, or more, on any style (and size) frame, mat or Gallery. Please email us at support@pictureplays.com or call us at 310-526-5188.

Does PiCTUREPLAYS sell wholesale to the trade?

Yes, for accredited vendors, we are happy to arrange wholesale partnerships. With our already low prices, we can actually go lower and assure you that you’ll be able to make a comfortable profit margin on our frames and mats. Please feel free to email us at support@pictureplays.com, call or text at 415-533-3733.

How do I crop and make sure I don't lose any of my picture?

You will not be able to see about 1/4″ of your picture all around the edges. It will be tucked underneath the opening of the mat so that it stays securely in place. Please be mindful of that, especially if you are trying to position a portion of your picture at the very edge of the mat opening.

Does PiCTUREPLAYS have an affiliate program with professional photographers, bloggers, educators, and other types of partners?

Yes. “P” is for Partner as well. For accredited professional Photographers, Interior Designers, Home Improvement Specialists, and Educators, consider trying the PiCTUREPLAYS Partner Program for a few months. No obligation. No contracts. Just play; and get paid. Our existing partners told us to call it “[P3]“…so we did.

We give. You get.

  1. Some free frames & pictures [so you feel comfortable with our quality]
  2. Our gallery wall images to use for your unique marketing ideas.
  3. A personalized code which can be the name of your business [example: BELLAPHOTOS]
  4. When the code is used by anyone, anywhere, we give back up to 20% (we propose a 10% discount and 10% of net sales to you.)
  5. Your own unique “re-sellers” code
  6. The code helps gets your name “out there”, as advertising, so the more people that see and use it, the merrier.

You do the Math.

Exhibit grade gallery walls range from $150 to about $800 or more, with museum glass. The average is about $300. Picture this: 3 clients [or friends of your clients] each create a gallery wall a week, at an average of $300. What if 5, or even 10 clients, and their friends, each created one a week? You do the math. Last we checked, there are 52 weeks in a year. Get your calculator. Start multiplying.

Can you tell me a about your photo paper and printers?

Absolutely. We’re Epson people and your pictures are printed on an Epson SureColor commercial grade printer. To emphasize warmth & color, we use a premium semi-gloss photo paper. Its high weight rating means the paper is heavy and will easily absorb and project pure colors. It is smudge and moisture resistant with a smooth, bright white, resin coated stock… ideal for gallery images. Lucky you!