Frame What You Love

The possibilities are endless, and we hope you’ll have fun rummaging through shoeboxes, sorting through drawers, and hunting for treasures at flea markets and galleries to find mementos that bring you joy. Following are some ideas and framing tips to inspire your imagination, get your creativity flowing, and help you curate your personal gallery wall. The exact size doesn’t matter. You have options for frame sizes and framing layouts to showcase almost anything!

Articles & Clippings

For dramatic effect, cut or tear out (to get a deckled edge) your newsworthy item, discard the mat, and float it on the backing of your choice. The glass will hold its position perfectly.

Memorabilia & Mementos

An old menu, a love letter, an album or magazine cover, concert tickets, the winning scorecard, a puzzle, a wallpaper sample…when you frame it, it becomes art.

Vintage Photos

Honor your history by floating precious sepia or black & white photos—especially those with ridged edges and strange sizes—right in the middle of the mat opening. PiCTUREPLAYS frames can fit 2×3, 3×5, 4×6, 5×7, and larger photos.

Children’s Masterpieces

Picasso once said that every child is an artist. Imagine how your little ones will feel when they see their finest artwork in museum-quality frames!

Small Posters

You know you’ve got them rolled up in tubes somewhere. Now is the time to retrieve those special exhibit, concert, and promotional event posters from storage and frame them!

Travel Pics

Relive your biggest adventures with views of natural wonders and selfies from visits to famous monuments. Travel pics—maybe framed with a postcard—make for great conversation starters.

Milestone Moments

Cherish life’s most frameworthy moments—a child’s birth and first steps, bar and bat mitzvahs, graduations, engagements and weddings—and put them on display for everyone to see.

Awards & Certificates

We hereby grant you permission to show off your awards, honors, diplomas, and blue ribbons.