How to Frame Like a Pro—It’s Easy!

11 frame sizes. 15 styles. 3 techniques. Frame any size art like a pro.

Odd size or standard size, 3 ways to make it work.

  1. Matting your art
  2. floating your art
  3. Framing FULL FRAME

Matting Your Art

By creating a separation between your art and the frame, a mat draws your gaze directly to the subject.

  1. With your art face down on a table, attach 2 pieces of tape to the back side—at the top—so that the tape will be sticky side up when you turn the art over.
  2. After you turn your art face up, place the mat on top of the art. Gently apply pressure so the tape adheres to the mat.
  3. Turn the mat over with your art attached. Apply pressure again to seal tape.
  4. Place the mat with your art in the frame, and bend the flex tabs to secure everything. You’re ready to hang!

Floating Art with 
Two Techniques

Floating is a great way to showcase an entire piece, especially one with deckled or intricate edges. You can float art inside the mat opening or on top of the mat or other background.

  1. Roll 2 pieces of tape and place them on the back of your art.
  2. Set out the mat (or colored fabric/paper) face up, and place your art—also face up—on top of it. Apply gentle pressure with your palms so the art sticks to the mat.
  3. Place everything into the frame, bend the black flex tabs down to hold everything in place, and you’re ready to hang!

Framing Your Art Full Frame

If you want to see every inch of an oversized picture, or if your art has a border of its own, this option is a simple way to frame it.

  1. Discard the mat.
  2. Trim your art, if needed, so that it fits tightly inside the frame without buckling.
  3. Place the frame with its glass face down on a table. Place your art directly on the glass.
  4. Place the foam core on top of your art, bend the black flex tabs into place to secure everything, and you’re done.