Select Layout. Add Pictures. Edit Gallery.

It’s just a few clicks, and so much fun! From any device, design the gallery wall of your dreams. We access your pictures. You select, crop, position, and stylize with frames. We do the rest.


Approve & Choose Glass. You’re Done.

When you’re ready, approve your work. For your finishing touch, choose from 3 types of glass. Regular Glass (included) is reflective and does not protect against fading.  As an upgrade, try Museum Glass. Its invisible and protects against fading; a must for original artwork, and irreplaceable memorabilia. Plexiglass is ideal for kid’s rooms, pictures hung over a bed, or in earthquake zones.  All options are 1/8″ thick. You’re done.

We’ll custom make it all, and ship it within 10 days.

All you need is a wall & laptop.

You’ll clearly see each picture in it’s frame and moving them around with your cursor is so much fun.  All wood exhibit grade frames. Museum quality doublethink mats. 3 types of glass. Wired and ready to hang. It’s true. Really.

Or a wall & phone.

Access your camera roll & tap your favorite pictures…ta-dah! Your pictures. Our frames. A gallery wall in the palm of your hand.  Move pictures from frame to frame, with your finger, to place them just right. A few more taps to cart and you’re done. Really well played.

Hanging Out.

Hang the center most frame first. The middle of it should be about 58″ off the floor or about eye level for the average height person. From there, work your way out – left, right, up, and down – until your gallery is hung. You’re done.

Easy Gallery Hanging. DIY Diagram.

For each layout, we provide an easy to use diagram illustrating how to hang your gallery just right. You’ll start with the center-most frame first, where a red “dot” marks the gallery’s midpoint; it should be about 58″ off the floor – about eye level for the average person. From there, work your way out – left, right, up, and down – allowing 2″ of space between each picture, until your gallery is complete. You’re done. Well played!

High Quality Guarantee

"Our handmade wood frames are cut, joined, finished, and inspected just for you. Your happiness is the most important principle that guides us. If you aren’t completely satisfied, please let us know."

- Fred Rubenstein
Founder, Pictureplays

Need Help?

We’re available by phone Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

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