Every idea starts with a problem

We heard “Designing a gallery wall is hard, custom framing is expensive, and it all takes way too much time!”, and we agree. We know the effort and costs of custom framing means that hundreds of prints, pieces of memorabilia, and treasured pictures never get to live inside frames, decorate your home, or help tell your story.

So, we decided to do things differently—and better! Welcome to PiCTUREPLAYS.

Problem Solved

By reverse-engineering the framing process, and focusing on 11 readymade sizes and 15 styles, we can offer handcrafted, museum-quality frames that are ready to ship—for about half the price of traditional custom frames. Whether you’re uploading digital photos (for us to print and frame) or you’re the DIY type who wants to play with floating, mat, and edge to edge framing, we’ve simplified the whole process. We’ve even curated gallery layouts so you can easily create your own gallery wall.

Our Readymade Frames

Every time a custom frame is built, it starts with 1 or 2 “sticks” of moulding. There’s a lot of waste—waste customers ultimately pay for, which is why picture framing has a reputation of being expensive.

I’ve been in the picture framing and art business for nearly two decades, having owned a variety of galleries and stores on both coasts. At my stores, we repurposed the waste (also called “shorts”) to create artisan-made frames in standard sizes. Custom quality at readymade prices? Those frames flew out of the stores, so we applied this principle at PiCTUREPLAYS.

Readymade isn’t a new idea, but historically, it has meant compromising on quality. Not anymore. We hand-cut and -join our readymade frames from the same elegant moulding styles, with the same finishes, as museums, galleries, and quality frame shops. Each frame includes a pure white, double-thick, archival mat. Regular glass is included, or you can upgrade to shatterproof plexiglass or our nearly invisible and protective museum glass.

Gallery Walls

The next problem we wanted to address was gallery walls. These are artful displays with multiple frames holding several different items, such as photos, certificates, postcards, kids’ art, newspaper articles, and other treasured memorabilia that seems to mostly live in shoeboxes in our closets. Everyone loves the look of a gallery wall, everybody wants one, but we kept hearing about how hard they are to design to get just the right balance and proportion. People were intimidated by all the choices they had to make about sizes, colors, mats, placement, and themes, so they put the projects off.

PiCTUREPLAYS simplified the process, curated 14 gallery wall layouts—using our readymade frame styles—and made it easy and affordable for you to turn any wall into a fabulous gallery that will enhance your home’s interior design. We’ll make you look like a pro!

We believe anything is art when you put a PiCTUREPLAYS frame around it. And whether you want to frame one thing or create a personal gallery wall, the framing should be the easy part. It finally is.

Now, let’s get you started framing.

Fred Rubenstein
Founder, Framer & Art Lover